Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Photo journey of 2012...begins.

Ok, so I saw a friend of mine start this on her blog and I thought that I would do it as well. Seems interesting, and helps pass the time. It's going to take a whole year and might be rewarding at the end. So here goes nothing.  Here is the January schedule:

Now, for the pictures.

This is me. 

2. Breakfast
Coffee...gotta have coffee in the morning.

3. Something I adore

My little buddy Dorky. He's such a...dork.

4. My Mailbox

Nothing special to mention here...other than its white and snowy. >=/

5. Something I wore

One of my favorite sweatshirts. My Aerial Reaction Force platoon sweatshirt that I got in Afghanistan.

6. Makes me Smile

I love this photo because it reminds me of the simple times, and thus makes me smile.

7. My Favorite

My favorite mug...why? CAUSE IT'S STARBUCKS And Black!!

8. My Sky

My sky...very bleak and dull.

9. Daily Routine

My totally awesome Thompson Chain-Reference KJV know you're jealous.

10. Childhood

My favorite childhood movie, "Pebble and the Penguin" Still watch it. =]

11. Where I sleep

My all its glory.

12. Close-up


And now I am all caught up! I'll try to keep up everyday, but there will be times like when I'm at drill that I will not so bear with me. So yeah, this will be fun. So have fun and DRIVE SAFE!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Can a Fire Be Sparked From This Ember's Glow?"

So this is how I feel...not in the romantic way like the song, but in a more general way...between friends, like "what's up? Just tell me" kind of way. If that makes any sense.
Anyway, I just wanted to put up some lyrics to an Amazing song, tis all and good night. Here they are:

Lord, You've touched my heart today
That is why I've come to pray
You see all I have inside
All the things I try to hide

Jesus, I believe that You are there
And You're listening
To this sinner's prayer
Touch this broken heart and make it new
I believe in You

Please forgive me for my sin
All I've done and all I've been
Serving You forevermore
Everyday You'll be my Lord

Jesus, I believe that You are there
And You're listening
To this sinner's prayer
Knowing You'll remember
What You've heard
I believe Your word

In Your name this prayer will end
And a new life will begin
Now I know I'm not alone
Hold my hand and lead me home.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Well, it is day three since I've started writing this blog and so far, OB2B (Operation: Back to Basics) is going well, better than I thought at least. I've started reaching out to friends that I haven't been talking to much lately and right now I'm working on two people at the moment. One of them I've known since...3rd grade.

It's strange to see how much things have changed since them. When we were in Jr. High, my youth group leader gave my year the nickname, "The Six Pack" because there were six of us. When we graduated high school, there were three of us...and now there are two, (that I know of. I could be wrong) That are still in church and serving in some capacity. Now, we're adults, and since college, started back in '07 I've decreased my contact with people around my age, drastically. I mean yeah, I see them Sunday morning and night and Wednesday nights and in some cases Friday nights too, but I haven't been keeping up with them outside that and THAT needs to change...but I digress.  I've contacted said person and tried to talk but my responsibilities got in the way at that time, so we've arranged for another time to talk...things are definitely looking up in that respect.

Person number two...person number two means a lot to me...we've shared some important experiences...deployments to Afghanistan mainly...that's the big one...we kinda parted ways in July of this year which was my fault and things got worse and worse and worse...and more recently in November we started really talking again which was really nice...and things have been doing ok since's an unstable friendship now, but with work and effort and who knows what else, it can be stabilized. That's my hope.

These are two of the friendships that mean the most to me, I mean I've known one since forever, and the other has been a great support and help during some very difficult thats my update.

I hate it when doing something brings back memories of a at one time happy thing and now its no hurts, but life goes much as I wish I could go back and make things right again.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ephesians 4:23

"And be renewed in the spirit of your mind" These words are what my theme is for this year, 2012. After what has turned out to be one of the hardest years for me in many respects, I ended the year feeling like there was nothing to really live for. I was depressed, miserable, and someone no one really wanted to be around. To top it off, One of my closest friends shunned me for  the better part of a month. It tortured me, and I didn't know what to do...All of these factors and more made me realize that I was at the bottom, and I had no where to look but up.
Many people like to make new year's resolutions that don't tend to last past the end of January. Im wanting to do the same, minus the not lasting past the end of January. This is my year of Renewal, and re-focus. I plan on reevaluating everything in my life starting from the foundation up. Im calling it..."Operation Back to Basics". Step one of this operation, is to determine what it  is I believe, and evaluating my faith and what/who is my faith based on, and while I do that, I plan on doing three things and they are:

1: REBUILD relationships that I have neglected
2: NURTURE the relationships that are growing and doing well
3: START building new relationships so they may blossom into something wonderful.

I know this is going to take a lot of work but it CAN be done. I have an excellent support group, friends and others that have encouraged me, and helped me through some hard times...they know who they are. Here is my...wake up you idiot song

Hope you all enjoy. Be Renewed