Friday, May 17, 2013

Gym, Kiwis and Lemons...oh my

Hello my dear and loyal readers,

I've been going to the gym now (again) for... Two and a half months, mainly doing cardio work on the treadmill, which has been going well. Started at doing Two miles in 17:03 (17 minutes, 03 seconds) and now im under 15:00. So, im throughly happy with THOSE results. But Im starting to take my main focus off of that, and onto strength training...(due to some friendly encouragement from some friends.   ;-)) My first two classes were Wednesday and we focused on arms and legs...and I LOVED every minute of it! I haven't been pushed like that in a long long time. The trainer was awesome, the other people in the class were awesome and I had a good time, which is what matters. However, now my arms and legs scream at me constantly, but they will have to suck it up. Then today, I had an abs class, and that went a LOT better...I think...not nearly as sore, but then again, it hasn't been the normal 24 hours it usually takes for me to start aching. Needless to say, I will continue to go and work out and have a blast =D

  However, yesterday at work and into today while at the gym, I had a nasty NASTY migraine. Last night it was so bad that I had to pull over so I could rest on the way back home. But, I took a meloxicam and had some water which helped through the night but I still had a nasty headache, (though not nearly as bad as it was last night.) so while at the gym, a friend of mine suggested water with lemon slices to help with the headache. I trust this person so I thought I'd give it a try. So I went to the store got a few lemons, and a few kiwis...( I heard that tasted good as well.) I went home, prepared my nalgene and had meh drink...a couple of hours later, WOW it works! Headache is gone, im happy. So, lemons in water will be a future headache remedy for me. ;-) 

  In other news, this past weekend, I had a hard day on mother's day, I didn't sleep well Saturday night and I had work early Sunday morning. I got...2ish hours of sleep? (If I was lucky) work didn't help at all, and overall, it wasn't a pleasant day...until I was able to talk to someone, well two people. And things did a complete 180 degrees. And since them Ive done research on various..."healing methods" for the condition I have, and I think its going...ok? But anyway, I thank God every single day for these people.

In the other other news, classes start again in 11 days! Im pretty excited for my classes...well most of them. NO MATH THIS TIME!! =D Im taking American Sign Language I which I think is appropriate because I have some hearing loss. Im also taking Microsoft Computer Applications...which include powerpoint, word, exel, etc. I have College Composition which should be a breeze...Im amazing at writing especially at narratives, and finally I have some College Success Seminar...and I have no idea what that entails. Either way, itll be interesting and a good time.

That's all for now and thank you all for reading and being awesome.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Past Two Years Part II

HEY-LO once again audience...

It is time, finally for the continuation of "The Past Two Years" If I remember correctly I left off at  my getting ready to fly into Bagram Air Field...

  The only thing I remember about the flight into Afghanistan was the combat descent we went through just before we touched down. Pretty much, its a really big dive while turning so kinda like a nasty downward spiral....not for the weak. But that was the worst part...the best? Seeing people turn white and start to get sick from it XD...I know, Im morbid. But anyway...the doors to the plane opened up and we all offloaded. I remember taking my first steps onto the Afghan soil and thinking to myself...'wow...Im actually in Afghanistan." It was kinda surreal. It was in the wee hours of the morning and there was still a chill to the it should being over 11k feet above sea level. We got our "Welcome to Afghanistan" briefing with the 100th do and donts speech that we all could have repeated verbatim. After the stupid briefing, we wandered out into the sun...and we saw our surroundings for the first time...In the distance, we  saw mountains...huge mountains capped with snow.
These mountains were the Hindu Kush Mountains...mountains that linked up with China at the other end. It was definitely an awe inspiring moment. Well, we grabbed our bags and got a "bus" which felt like it was going to fall apart at any moment and found our way to the "clam shells" BIG tents made to fit hundreds of bunk beds...they were by no means private...but hey, it was home for the first week or so in country. During this first week, we took classes that dealt with things that EVERYone should know when they arrive in country. We also became accustomed to the base and learned where we would be working and WHAT we would be doing...and turns out!...we had one AWESOME job...(But that's for another section. ;-)) During this time, I got a nice pretty laptop "top-notch" internet...($100 a month for little better than basic internet) BUT it worked for what I needed it to, like skype and iTunes...although it took like 30 min for ONE SONG >_< And movies took like a week...if I was lucky. 

After the first week, we were moved to more permanent housing...if you could call it that. It was a wooden hallway with 4 rooms off either side...each room was about 5'x7' very small, but it was stay tuned for next time to hear some of the cool stories we had from various missions and my time of R&R!

Till next time...but before I leave...want to see some artistic people...look at this jingle truck!

Cool part is...these things were EVERYWHERE...and not one was like the other!

Rainbow Connection...

Hello dear Audience,

   Just so you know My title has nothing to do with the song that is sung by Kermit T. Frog. Now that THAT'S out of the way, we can move on to the main body of the post.

So, my intention of writing an entry every week hasnt been going too well so far...sorry about that. This  past week has been kinda tumultuous.  I had my class final on Wednesday...(Which I totally killed by the way. 94 on the final, 95 for the class.) and work, dance and outside life has kept me busy...but that's cool because that means more stories and things for me to post about, no? Anyways, today was a special day..."Why is that?" You might ask...well I got one of the biggest and coolest compliments that I have ever gotten! The compliment was this..."You're a good man." the compliment by itself isn't what made it was the compliment paired with who said it! The person that said it is someone that I have known for...14ish years now, someone that I look up to, admire, and respect. So hearing that (which is something that I am striving for, (the being a good man part.)) was a huge major blessing for me, and it really helped at work...I was on cloud nine for the rest of the shift. =]

Speaking of work, I have to be at work in 4 hours, (5am) but Im not even tired and its almost 1am...go figure that I would have stuff on my mind tonight of all nights. But oh well...its my lot in life. Playing right now is REO Speedwagon's "I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore...and that is one of the worst songs that can be playing right now >:-/     Oh well. I know this is a short post, but it was meant to be short to hold you guys over till my next actually planned one.  So, good morning, and Hapy mothers day!