Friday, April 26, 2013

Burning Bridges...

Hello once again readers,

Its been a couple of weeks...maybe more since my last blog entry and it is time for ANOTHER! YAY!

Anyway, I have a special announcement concerning this blog; I'm planning on making this a weekly thing...meaning that there should be an entry per week...this is a good thing. I have plenty of things to say, rant about, debate, talk about, etc. So keep an eye out for more entries! They should be coming out either on Fridays or Saturdays, this isnt set in stone yet. I'll have to see how it works with life.


So, you may be wondering what the title of the entry has to do with anything, it does...I promise. It has to do with certain recent events in my life. Recently someone decided to bring up my past in a debate to...soil who I am trying to become.

Am I happy with what I have done in my past? No. Would I have done things differently, yes. Regrets? Plenty...but the things I did all contributed to who I am today, and who I will become in the future. However, certain things needed to go, in order for me to better myself...things like stop hanging out with certain people, stop doing certain things and activities...things like that.

   Earlier, the song, Blow Me (One Last Kiss) came on the radio...and I realized that the song kinda relates to how I feel in regards to the things that I had to let go off or "Kiss" good-bye. If you haven't heard the song, give it a listen...but to be safe, make sure you find the radio version (if you have sensitive ears.) Here is the part in particular that I relate to...

"I think I've finally had enough, I think I maybe think too much 

I think this might be it for us (blow me one last kiss) 
You think I'm just too serious, I think you're full of sh-t 
My head is spinning so (blow me one last kiss)"

How does this relate? Well, like I said, I said good-bye to the proverbial cancer that was in my life and cut the diseased parts out of my life...was it easy, no, painful, yes. Was it necessary in order for me to move forward yes. I still struggle with what I did...because I enjoyed what I did. But it was slowly eating at me...and I didnt even I had to burn bridges, burn forests and begin anew...from "seeds". The land may still and may forever bear the scars of these actions. 

For example, there were certain people in my life that were affecting me in a negative fact they were most people I spent my time after a while, I didn't have many people to talk to  or spend time with. For my goals for the new year, I renewed my goal of mend/renew old friendships and to make new friends to replace those that I let go of...At first it was very slow going...but then towards the end of February, God reintroduced someone to me and my life. I want you to know that I thought I would never see or really talk to this person ever again, but God had different plans...this person is Maura...and through Maura, the rest of her family again. I love her family. Her parents were my first youth group leaders, and they have a special place in my heart for that. Also, through her, I got back into Ballroom/Latin dance, which has been an interest of mine since just after High School. SO, I let go of a lot of negative, and got a LOT of good speaking of dancing...I keep hearing people say  that Ballroom/Latin dancing is a Gay (homosexual) thing for a guy to do.

...look at that picture...look at it long at hard. Now tell me, what is gay about that? I mean if that is "gay", then what is wrestling? It really annoys me whenever people say its gay. People say this in ignorance, because they don't understand.(In case you were wondering, the picture is of One of the pairs from season 16 of Dancing with the Stars, Zendaya and Val.) There is certainly nothing to lose by learning dance, its an incredibly fun skill to have, you can take it wherever you go, you can meet many people through it, and the health benefits are huge, it has mental benefits, physical benefits and even emotional benefits...who wouldn't want that?! 

I do! It certainly beats running on a treadmill or something like that at the gym, (that's also good.) But its more fun to exercise while learning or doing something like dancing ;-) (See what I did there?) 

Now that I'm back in it, I'd like to get good enough to compete and just hone and develop my skills for social dancing as well, will I ever be as good as the guy in the picture above? probably not haha. But Id like to be. Right now Im taking group lessons at the Royal Palace Dance Studio in Manchester and what a great place it is! The professionals are amazing and awesome people to learn from, and if you are interested, come check us out! I even have free week long passes!

Anyway, I'd like to start taking private lessons, but the money isn't there right now...(sad face) and there is a competition coming in August to Costa Rica, and I'd LIKE to go...but who knows...

If you were wondering because of the picture, yes, I DO watch Dancing with the Stars...this is the first season I've watched and I love it.

Well, its late and I have a busy day good night world.

Friday, April 5, 2013

"The Man That Never Lied" theories...

Hello Once again audience!

 Well, this is a special post requested by a reader/ she gets her wish and I will be posting MY THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS about Maroon 5's song, "The Man Who Never Lied" In case you haven't heard the song, Here it is.

Now, a little background on how this post came to be, I was with my very dear friend Maura at Barnes & Noble talking and this song came up. Maura and I tried to figure out the EXACT meaning/ story of the song. I told Maura that I would listen to it and come up with some theories and even post my thoughts...and thus this post was born. To prepare for this post, I must have listened to the song 100 times today alone. But anyways on to the meat of the post! plan of attack is to break the song down by verse and dissect the song that way, giving my thoughts on the way.

1st Verse

"In the middle of Hollywood Boulevard
Screaming at each other, screaming at each other
Like oh oh oh, can't take it anymore
Like a tragedy, like a dark comedy
Laughing at each other, laughing at each other
Like, oh oh oh it isn't funny anymore"

Well, the song opens up with a fight between two people, presumably between a guy and a girl


"I was the man who never lied
I never lied until today
But I just couldn't break your heart
Like you did mine yesterday
I was the man who never lied, oh
I was the man who never lied, oh yeah"

This is where things get dicey and different scenarios can pop up. We see the guy claiming that today he lied to spare this girl heartache even though she didnt spare him. So, what happened to them that causes all of this? Well, what would be something that would break a guy's heart? I have two things that would definitely break MY heart. These two things are A cheating girlfriend, or lying girlfriend. 

But said guy said he couldn't break the girl's MY THEORY is that the girl cheated on the guy and the guy found out, but doesnt want to tell the girl, because he loves the girl and figures that if he lies, everything will be fine and work out...or maybe The guy slept with another girl...and doesnt want to hurt the girl...on to verse two.

2nd Verse

"Sometimes honesty is the worst policy
Happy ever after, happy ever after
Let it go, you never need to know
I don't wanna be picking up all of these
Tiny little pieces, tiny little pieces
Of your heart, won't do it anymore"

Again, the singer is implying that lying to save someone from heartache is better than telling the truth, so I assume it must be something major to warrant this kind of wanting to keep things hidden. It would seem like it would have to be something that would absolutely crush someone, so again, I think a cheating and/or lying person would fit the bill.

and then the song repeats the chorus and first verse a couple of times.

So, my final theory about the song is that the girl of the song cheated on the singer and the singer found out and in the midst of his despair, found comfort in the presence of another girl. And later realizes this mistake and decides to pretend it never happens. So, the couple tries to make up and forgive each other and when asked if everything is ok, the guy says yes and lies about not being with another girl...

SO ANYWAY, that's my theory of the song.I realize that you guys are still waiting on Part II of The Past Two Years...I haven't forgotten about it, I've just been busy with life and friends and my new hobby, Ballroom/Latin dance. =D So, stay tuned for that post...have a good night guys.