Monday, August 25, 2014

Tough Mudder...There and Back again: A Mudder's Tale part 1 of 2

Hello one and all, from the ashes of this blog rises, (once again) a new post! Since my last post I have graduated Massage School with a 3.94 gpa, and have secured a job at Massage Heights in Bedford. While that is all well and good, I have more fun and exciting news...I have fulfilled a dream of participate and complete a Tough Mudder event! And that is what this post will be about, starting with my volunteering on Saturday to my participating on Sunday...without further ado...


Well, my day started at 3:30 AM when I woke up and got dressed, had a cup of coffee before I started the 1 hr 50 minute drive to Westbrook, Maine. Luckily, it was pretty easy to get to the event site, so I didn't get lost. I arrived at my designated parking lot, the BLUE LOT. The parking area was just a field nothing special. A bunch of other people were there so we gathered at one end of the field and waited there for further instructions. After about 10 minutes of waiting, one of the Senior Parking Attendants came over and told us that we were supposed to walk a little further down the road to a shuttle area where a bus would take us to and from the event site. The ride was about 10 minutes, not too bad...everyone was already excited and pumped for the day ahead. Once we arrived on site, we disembarked and found the building where we would check in and out of, the Volunteer HQ. We were greeted by our TMHQ Volunteer Coordinator Allison and given some basic instructions to get in line, hand in our waivers, check in, get a volunteer bracelet as well as a pretty cool "Tough Mudder Most Valuable Player 2014" bracelet. Once we got that stuff out of the way, we got our orange volunteer t-shirts, name tag and a free Tough Mudder bag. Since I was one of the first people there, I helped check other people in. Once 6:00 rolled around, we got our intro briefing, how to summon medical help, make sure to stay hydrated, etc. We were given our roles and given to our TMHQ leaders. I was part of the Check In crew,  which was responsible to checking in the participants, spectators and the legionnaires, (people who have completed more than one event.) During my shift, 7AM-1:30PM I probably checked in over 800 participants, out of the 6400 participants that day. My job was easy, using an iPod, I used an eventbrite app to scan the participants ticket, and if they didn't have the tickets on hand, I manually searched for their name in the database. After my shift was over The morning volunteers went back to Volunteer HQ to check out and to receive our perks, A Dos Equis beer token if we wanted a cold one after our shift, a light lunch, a 20% off merchandise coupon, a bracelet from the Wounded Warrior Project, and the most important, our volunteer discount to run a future event. A few of the other volunteers and I stayed awhile after and walked along the Spectator route to see some of the Obstacles like Everest, Balls to the Wall, Fire in Your Hole, Boa Constrictor and Sewage Outlet. When we left we were beyond excited for Sunday. STAY TUNED FOR SUNDAY!!

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