Friday, September 13, 2013

Only Time Will Tell...


It has been a looong time since I have written anything here...and a LOT has happened! Mostly good...some bad. I've finished my first term or "Mod" in school and I can proudly say that I got High Honors which is an "A" in all my classes...and I might even get Director's List...which is a perfect 4.0's definitely going to be close. So yeah.

I got an "A" in Art of Massage.
I got an "A" in Chair Massage.
I got an "A" in Medical Terminology
...and I got an "A" in Pathology...somehow.

Speaking of which...I had the most infuriating and bizzare final for Med Term...I will give you this Final now...

1) What is your name?
2) How many fingers are on your left hand?
3) How many birds are in a flock?
4) What is your teacher's name?
5) What color is your hair (TODAY)?

That was my final...I swear to all that is good and holy...granted there was an actual test with actual Med Term stuff on it...but that isn't the one that counted...I didn't give myself the score I got on the real final...but took the score I got on the fake one...which was 100% either way...but still. I was pretty annoyed for a while.

I've also been on 2 field trips so far and both went pretty well. the first one was a Blood Drive in concord...that was a slow one. I only managed to do 4 chair massages...and one of them was a student so she didn't really count.

My second trip was much better. We went to a wellness fair for the NH DOT...also in Concord. I massaged probably...10-11 people, had fun with some of the other students...and yeah. It went well. Tomorrow is my next massage event...and this time it is at...THE BEACH!! Pretty nifty! AND this time, it'll be table sports massage...which is just a rougher form of can be quite...interesting. ;-)

But yeah, looking back...this month has been AWESOME! I've met some really awesome people and even got a really cool close friend from it and she has helped me study and relax and knew how to help de-stress me...definitely a cool person.  Next term will be interesting because we will have 1st, 2nd, and 3RD modders...all in one class. I feel bad for the teacher...and who is that teacher??...IT'S MARK AGAIN!! =D =D =D The guy is...amazing!

But yeah...aside from that...I had to do something today that I was dreading for a while...but it had to be done...Im really hoping that this situation works out the way I hope it will...but I have the feeling that it won't...I can hope and pray though...I'll know by Wednesday the final outcome...and man, I haven't been this anxious about something in a long, long time.

Well, I have to go get ready for tomorrow...till next time.

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