Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Can't Sleep...Maybe This Will Help

So it's...
   early Tuesday morning...4:06AM to be precise...I woke up a couple of hours ago and I can't fall back asleep so I figured while I'm up, I might as well write another blog entry. Right now I just finished listening to "Me Ole Bamboo", an awesome song from the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" which so happens to be one of my childhood favorites.

Yesterday was pretty awesome, especially compared to last week. I got up early at 6AM and showered, shaved and all that happy stuff, stopped by Dunkins...(I wish it was starbucks) and got a French Vanilla coffee and a chocolate chip muffin then got to school where I got to sit on the patio overlooking the river and just chill...well, not really. I was quizzed on the material that we would be going over. I'm quickly establishing my position as the guy everyone wants to study with because with the two quizzes that I have taken so far, I have consistently done leaps and bounds better than the rest, but that isn't me. It's God. Speaking of school, I found this meme...and it's pretty accurate haha:

But anyway, today we have a Medical Terminology quiz...two of them actually. I feel like I am more than ready for them. But back to yesterday. We hung out and just did some last minute studying, then went to class. My first class everyday is The Art of Massage and yesterday we stripped out of our shirts and further practiced draping which is an art in and of itself. We did that for two hours, then we had our Pathology class for FOUR hours. During one of our breaks, I introduced the AMAZING song that is "Echa Pal'le"...it is SUCH A FUN SONG! Pathology is such a interesting and fun subject. For those that don't know, Pathology is the study of disease processes and there are some interesting things out there.

But yeah...then at the end of the day, one of my class mates talked to me about joining Student Council...which I decided to do and will do next monday. Apparently the massage students are under represented. 

My class mates are pretty cool...and very diverse. We have...

-A former soldier
-A former EMT-I
-A hipster (in dress only) She's actually a very cool artistic person...but she hates Phil Collins.
-A really shy anxious introvert

just to name a few.

Since I started, my mind has been opened to a whole new world of different ways of healing and seeing the world...I mean even a year ago, I would have sworn that traditional conventional medicine is the answer to everything...but now, things are different. I'm seeing the affect of yoga, meditation, massage, etc. can have on people.

But anyways, that is all for now...time to see about getting some rest before I officially get up.

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